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Today our remarkable archive and artifact collection represents the cultures, communities, struggles and successes of life in Palm Beach County, and the larger context of Florida’s heritage. There are many ways to connect with the collections, among them a visit to the Johnson History Museum, presented by the Historical Society of Palm Beach County. The county’s past is chronicled in fascinating displays featuring notable stories and figures, including Henry Morrison Flagler, Addison Mizner, the Barefoot Mailmen, and the 2000 Presidential election.

The Society also maintains an active Research Library that is accessible by the public. The archives documents the people, places, and events that have shaped our community.

 All of this would not be possible without people like you, who donate their treasures, and . . .

. . .  at long last, the public is able to visit these collections remotely, to experience the legacy we strive to protect and share. You can now access over 13,000 records in our online catalog. And we continue to grow! While this is nowhere near our entire collection, it is a good representation of the fascinating story we tell. Take a peek here!


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First-hand accounts of pivotal events are priceless, and we constantly strive to capture them. While past history may not change, here there is a sense of urgency. There is no greater regret than to lose the narrative of our history as individuals and entire generations are lost to us. Oral Histories can be used by historians, biographers, students, teachers, and residents of our community to explore our past. Help us protect these rich and telling stories, including notable figures, neighbors, family, friends, or yourself, through a gift to the Oral History Project. Make your donation, here.

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