The Richard and Pat Johnson
Palm Beach County
History Museum

The Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum opened to the public in March 2008 within the historic 1916 Courthouse at 300 North Dixie Highway in downtown West Palm Beach. The countywide history museum enriches the lives of children and adults alike by making local history accessible, interesting, and meaningful. The restored building also serves as the headquarters of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.

The Museum contains two permanent galleries  — The People Gallery and The Place Gallery — and the rotating Special Exhibit Gallery that changes annually.

Thanks to our members, the Museum is admission-free.

For directions and hours of operation, please click here.

East Wing of the Museum


The People Gallery

What you will see:

A tribute to more than 100 individuals and families who have contributed to the development of Palm Beach County.

Exhibits include:

  • A video display projecting images of people from all walks of Palm Beach County life.
  • Kiosks and exhibits with artifacts to help tell the stories behind the colorful characters of the past, including Pre-Columbian inhabitants, Seminole Indians, early pioneers, the business and philanthropic community, educators, and influential leaders in communications, lay, medicine, and politics.

The gallery also features an interactive exhibit, where visitors can find out more about interesting people.

West Wing of the Museum


The Place Gallery

What you will see:

Models and photographs exploring Palm Beach County’s natural environment and the animals and ecology that make it unique.

Exhibits include:

  • A giant mosquito, banyan tree, snake, alligator – and a model of the man who had to brave those elements in pioneer days, the “Barefoot Mailman,” who carried the mail from Palm Beach County to Miami.
  • Touch-screen maps on a 50-inch screen that demonstrate the dramatic changes in the county’s growth.
  • Special exhibits on characters such as Addison Mizner, and memorabilia from local sports stars, including Jack Nicklaus and Chris Evert.
  • An authentic “Palm Beach coach,” a wicker wheelchair/bike that was powered by a pedaling tour guide.
  • A re-creation of a “palmetto shack,” the frond-topped dwellings the first pioneers built for themselves.
Click HERE for more information on the special exhibits at the Johnson History Museum.

For directions and hours of operation, please click here.

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